What to Expect:

Baptism is a fun and exciting experience! You will want to let your family and friends know so they can come, and we will make sure to get a video for you! We will provide you with a Radical Church T-Shirt and some shorts (if needed).


If you or a family member would like to be baptized, please click the button below. One of our pastors will contact you with more information and will schedule your baptism with you.

Welcome Party

If you're new to Radical, we want to throw you a party! Once a month we host a Welcome Party after service for those who are new to Radical Church. This is a great way to meet the pastoral staff and other families who are new to the Rad Fam. Click the button below to RVSP for the next Welcome Party!

Growth Track

Growth Track is essential to what we do at Radical Church. Have you been to a service, but want to know how to get involved? This is where you start! (If you want to meet new people just like you, don’t miss it!) Growth Track is a two-week group class (101 & 201) that is offered many times throughout the year. 101 is always on a Sunday from 4-6pm over Zoom, and 201 is simply a 20 minute gathering immediately after service the next week.